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Chicago "Most Likely" Destination For LeBron: Sun-Times

From John Jackson in the Sun-Times:

The [Kirk] Hinrich move is only a small part of why I think the Bulls suddenly are the front-runners. While James’ opinion is the only one that matters, there have been a lot of whispers of late from people close to him indicating that he’s ready to leave Cleveland and that Chicago is the likely destination.

If the decision is all about basketball, joining the Bulls makes the most sense. The Bulls have the most talent, more elements of a team in place and a young core of players — Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Taj Gibson — 25 or younger who will enter their primes at the same time as the 25-year-old James.

Makes a lot of sense. Caveat: athletes don’t always make free-agent choices that make the most sense. Just ask Milton Bradley. But if James wants to win championships, Chicago’s his kind of town.