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More Sources Suggest LeBron Is Leaving Cavs

A further update to what we've written below. More sources are tweeting that they've heard the same that Jalen Rose has (from different people), namely, that LeBron James is not going to be returning to the Cavs.

Alex Kennedy, a reporter at Hoopsworld, adds two tweets to the mix. He writes:

An agent just told me that LeBron James won't be returning to Cleveland from what he's hearing. Lines up with what @jalenrose is reporting.


The agent hadn't heard about @jalenrose's tweet but said he wasn't surprised based on what people are saying in recent days.


Of course, as we noted in our first update on this subject, anonymous sources and "people" should never be considered to be confirmation of anything. We've seen, as recently as a short time ago with the Big 12 fiasco, just how much can change and how quickly it can do so within the sports world.

All the same, the more people who report a rumor of the type we have here, the more likely it is to be at least in the general vicinity of reality. We'll keep our ears to the ground and update as more emerges.