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Another Big Man Possibility For Bulls In Draft

Sam Smith has his take on who the Bulls might select:

The envelope please: With the 17th pick in the NBA draft, the Bulls select… Elliott Williams of Memphis. There are gasps, including from me, as Williams has been the mystery man of the draft by not working out a lot, which usually suggests he’s gotten a promise somewhere. The Bulls don’t usually gamble on those kinds of guys, but those Memphis guards seem to work out well, and Williams is a noted hard worker and bulldog defender who’s drawn comparisons to Russell Westbrook. The thing about this draft if the Bulls use the pick is they’ll be going for a good backup, especially at No. 17, and with Tom Thibodeau as the coach, I think the emphasis will be on a defensive player, which Williams will be and he can play some point guard.

Smith goes on to list other centers the Bulls might take, including Whiteside, but also says they might deal the pick.