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Cubs Welcome Angels For First-Ever Wrigley Field Visit

As noted in this preview of this afternoon's game, the Angels have never before visited the North Side of Chicago. But it's not the first time an Angels team has played in a ballpark called Wrigley Field:

In 1961, their first year as an American League club, the Angels played in Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. That Wrigley Field had very short power alleys and a season-record 248 home runs were hit there in its only season as a big league stadium. The following season, the Angels played their home games at Dodger Stadium.

The L.A. version of Wrigley Field was meant to resemble the original the Angels will finally visit on Friday. In fact, the Cubs often used it for Spring Training from the 1920s into the '50s, when the then Pacific Coast League L.A. Angels called it home during regular seasons.

The Angels coming to Chicago's Wrigley for the first time have the best road record in the Major Leagues since 2004 (295-228, .564). They've gone 14-5 over their past 19 road matchups. The Angels enter the series on the heels of the Rangers in the American League West.

The Angels will send Scott Kazmir against the Cubs' Carlos Silva at 1:20 this afternoon.