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Cubs And Red Sox Discussed Fukudome Deal

According to CSN New England, the Cubs offered Kosuke Fukudome to the Red Sox, but were turned down due to Fukudome’s contract:

Sources in both the National and American Leagues confirmed that the Chicago Cubs recently approached the Red Sox to gauge Boston’s interest in the Japanese-born outfielder.

As someone who could play all three outfield positions, Fukudome, 33, would seem to be a fit. But Fukudome will earn $13 million this season and another $13.5 million next year, requiring a commitment of more than $20 million to any team dealing for him.

And because, for now at least, the Cubs aren’t willing to take back an appreciable amount of the remaning money, the Sox passed on the talks.

Sources familiar with the talks report that the two teams never got to exchange any formal proposals because of the remaining salary involved.