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Sox And Cubs Both Take No-Hitters Into Seventh. A First? No -- It Happened In Chicago 30 Years Ago

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I have personally witnessed a game exactly like last night’s once before; it happened at the old Comiskey Park on July 13, 1980. On that Sunday afternoon, the Yankees’ Rudy May and the White Sox' (and future Cub) Steve Trout did exactly what Ted Lilly and Gavin Floyd did last night. May threw six no-hit innings, allowing a runner to reach on an error, before the Sox broke up his no-no and took a 1-0 lead in the seventh. Trout walked the first Yankee hitter of the game, then retired 15 in a row before hitting a batter leading off the sixth; he was erased on a double play.


Trout still had his no-hitter entering the eighth inning. He walked former White Sox Eric Soderholm to lead off that frame, and the next hitter broke up the no-hitter with a clean single to center, a hit much like Juan Pierre’s last night.


That hitter? Lou Piniella. This sort of thing is what makes baseball great, connecting the generations. The Yankees wound up winning 3-1.