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Analysis: Nebraska "Phenomenal Fit" For Big Ten

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In the Tribune, Teddy Greenstein analyzes the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten:

A few other keys:

•Nebraska will join the conference on July 1, 2011. “A quick turnaround,” Delany called it. But not soon enough for Osborne. “Once you make the change, you’d like to do it tomorrow,” he said.

•In determining how to break up the 12 (or 14 or 16) teams into divisions, Delany said the first priority will be “competitive fairness.” Second is maintaining rivalries. Third is geography.

•Delany said he is “presuming” there will be a conference title game in 2011 and will consult former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer on the logistics. Delany said the conference has not looked into possible venues.

•The vote among presidents and chancellors in favor of Nebraska was unanimous.

•Nebraska has been particularly strong in women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and baseball. Oh, and the women’s bowling team is pretty decent. The men’s basketball team, meanwhile, never has won an NCAA tournament game.

So now that the Big Ten is 12 schools… and the Big Twelve is 10… will they swap conference names, too? Stay tuned.