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Analysis: Is Notre Dame The Big Ten's Real Target?

Herb Gould in the Sun-Times says while Nebraska is a good addition to the Big Ten, they’re really after the Fighting Irish:

Notre Dame remains the partner that would matter the most to the Big Ten.

Everybody else is pretty much a stalking horse, even Nebraska. I’ve always thought that. And several sources told me that again on Thursday — without prompting.

One even went so far as to say the Nebraska alliance was another attempt to remind Notre Dame that its window of opportunity is closing.

‘’I definitely believe there’s an ultimatum to the Irish. ‘The train’s leaving. Here’s your last ticket,‘’’ he said. ‘’But I don’t think Notre Dame is going to respond to that kind of thing.’’

A prominent Irish insider agreed, saying ND isn’t ready to surrender its national/independent status.

‘’I don’t see Notre Dame making a dash for any of the realignments,‘’ he said. ’’You can’t be arrogant enough to think you can [stay independent] forever. You may be forced into doing something. The landscape is changing. But, right now, I see us staying where we are.’’

Who knows? This merry-go-round has more changes than a Dusty Baker pitching staff. Stay tuned.