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Texas And Texas A&M To Big Ten.... Or Not?

Chip Brown, writer for the Dallas Morning News and, has tweeted that reports that Texas and Texas A&M are seeking Big Ten Membership are incorrect.

He says,

There is no truth to reports that Texas and Texas A&M are considering the Big Ten. But A&M is still considering the SEC.

We had previously reported that a TV station out of Missouri, KCTV, had sources in the Big 12 who were pointing at Texas and Texas A&M moving to the Big Ten, with Oklahoma considering a move to the SEC and Oklahoma State to the Pac-10.

With the recent tweet by Chip Brown, who has been well informed about most of the Big 12’s implosion, that seems less likely. And yet, Nebraska and Colorado officials did previously deny their intentions to jump ship from the Big 12, saying talks had only been “examinations” only a few short days from actually making their moves.