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Remember "Sanford And Son"?

If you do, you probably also remember the last time the Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup Final game before last night. While they were in the Finals in 1992, they got swept that year by the Penguins.


Before last night’s 6-5 win over the Flyers, the last Finals game won by the ’Hawks was on May 8, 1973, game five of the Finals vs. the Canadiens — a game that set the record for most goals scored in a Finals game, 15. The ’Hawks won it 8-7 to close the ’73 Finals to three games to two, but lost game six and the Finals to Montreal. “Sanford and Son” was one of the top 10 TV network TV shows at the time.


37 years later, this Blackhawks team is hoping for three more wins and a Stanley Cup.