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Don't Forget The Blackhawks Who Never Made It This Far

Mark Potash of the Sun-Times reminds us that there are nearly 50 years’ worth of Blackhawks who never tasted the Cup, or even the Finals:

Bob Murray played 15 seasons and 1,008 games without winning a Cup. Doug Wilson, 15 seasons and 938 games.

Dennis Hull (904 games), Larmer (891), Tony Esposito (873), Chico Maki (841), Cliff Koroll (814), Keith Brown (812), Pit Martin (740), [Chris] Chelios (664), John Marks (657), Keith Magnuson (589), Dirk Graham (546), Pat ’’Whitey’’ Stapleton (545), Roenick (524) and Phil Russell (504) didn’t win it.

[Denis] Savard (881), Troy Murray (688), [Tony] Amonte (627), Eric Daze (601) and Grant Mulvey (574) never even reached the finals with the Hawks.

Some could have won it. Some should have won it. All deserved better than they got.

And you can bet they’ll be rejoicing — wherever they are — should this team finally end a nearly half-century quest.

Indeed. For all of them, and all the fans who have waited so long: Go ’Hawks!