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Back To Back Extra Base Hits Give Cubs The Lead In The 8th

Mike Fontenot, who replaced Jeff Baker at third base, led off the bottom of the eighth inning with a triple down the right field line. The hit normally would have gone for only a double, but Xavier Paul, the Dodgers right fielder, had trouble with the side wall at Wrigley. Paul lost his glove and the ball when he took a bad angle and slammed into the wall in pursuit of Fontenot’s hit.

One batter later, Fontenot scored as Tyler Colvin lined his own hit down the right field line. James Loney deflected the ball into foul territory, where Xavier Paul once again crashed into the side wall in hot pursuit. Paul’s second incident was ruled an error, and Colvin was credited with a RBI double.

The Cubs have two out and a runner on third in the bottom of the eighth. They lead 1-0 as Jeff Weaver replaces starting pitcher John Ely.