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Charles Tillman Fine With Switch To Bears Right Cornerback

Baseball season is in full swing, the Blackhawks are still playing hockey, baskeball hasn’t finished and the Bears are already in mini camp ramping up for the fall season. Football? Really?


Making news already is the switch of Charles Tillman, who was hurt during week 16 of last season, and Zack Bowman at cornerback, making Tillman right cornerback. As far as anyone can tell, the change is permanent.


Is this a “demotion” for Tillman, who hs missed numerous games due to injuries? Is this an indication that the Bears are not sure about Tillman’s health and abilities at left cornerback? In football, the left cornerback is considered the top corner. Apparently the Bears think Bowman has more potiential now than Tillman.


For his part, Tillman is a good sport and publically states that while the change is probably permanent, things can change, even during the sesason. He is righht. This is, after all, mini camp. So much can change between now and the beginning of the season.