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In Progress: Ozzie and Buehrle Tossed, But Sox Still Lead 5-1 Over Indians

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Both Ozzie Guillen and Mark Buehrle have been tossed by umpire Joe West after questioning two balk calls issued against Buehrle. The Sox are leading 3-1 after hanging three on Cleveland starter Jake Westbrook.

The Sox got the scoring started in the 4th inning when Juan Pierre doubled. He advanced to third on a grounder to first by A.J. Pierzynski. Alex Rios walked, and then Paul Konerko scored Pierre on an RBI single, and advanced to second on an error by Austin Kearns.

Mark Kotsay was intentionally walked by Westbrook, and then Mark Teahan singled in both Rios and Konerko.

Cleveland answered with one in the bottom of the fourth when Jhonny Peralta hit a sac fly to left, scoring Austin Kearns who had singled to start the inning. Kearns had moved to third on a Russel Branyan double to Carlos Quentin.

Mark Kotsay has just hit a two run homer, scoring Alex Rios who doubled and headed to second on a Konerko ground out. The game is heading into the bottom of the sixth inning.