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Chicago Bulls Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Welcome, Kevin Durant, To Chicago

The Bulls opened the season against the Thunder in Oklahoma City, and despite hanging with them until late in the fourth quarter, lost that Oct. 27 game 106-95. That's not too big of a surprise -- most NBA teams have a strong home-court advantage.

The Thunder, though, is actually better on the road than at home -- they're 7-3 away, 7-4 at home. Kevin Durant still leads the league in scoring with 27.4 points per game, but Derrick Rose is a fairly close third at 25.7. It'll be an interesting matchup between the two tonight, particularly with Carlos Boozer back; Boozer wasn't available in the previous game between the two teams and after a couple of rough outings, appeared back in sync playing his normal game when the Bulls beat the Rockets in overtime on Saturday night.

In other NBA news, the league took over the New Orleans Hornets today. That's another sign of how rough things are financially for many NBA squads, some of whom had to be bailed out by the league last year. Why is this important to Chicago fans? Because a report in Sports Illustrated named Chicago as one of several possible markets (St. Louis, Anaheim and Kansas City were some others) where the Hornets might move if the league wanted to relocate them.

Could you imagine another NBA team in Chicago? They could play at the Allstate Arena, at least on a temporary basis; that arena seats about 18,500 for hockey and could probably seat 20,000 for NBA games, and has 48 luxury suites.

Food for thought. Tonight's Bulls game begins at 7 p.m. CST and will be televised on CSN Chicago.