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College Football Rankings, Week 15: Coaches Poll Has Oregon No. 1, AP Says Auburn

The final regular season college football polls are out and there aren't any real big surprises, except possibly that they don't agree on No. 1. The coaches poll says Oregon, the AP poll Auburn -- but AP has Auburn on top by only 11 points, and the coaches poll says Oregon is best by 13 points. Kudos to the brave coach who gave TCU a No. 1 vote.

There are three unbeatens in the polls -- Oregon, Auburn and TCU -- and so the big boys get to play in the BCS title game, with TCU given a consolation prize, likely the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin. Saving you the trouble of watching the BCS selection show, it's looking right now like Arkansas and Ohio State will play in the Sugar Bowl. That's the max for the Big Ten in the BCS -- an automatic qualifier and an at-large -- so one-loss Michigan State will have to "settle" for, most probably, the Capital One Bowl. Meanwhile, Northern Illinois, ranked last week, lost their game and the MAC title and are now unranked.

It's all so random. The BCS got lucky this year with two bigtime programs, and only two, remaining undefeated. Death to the BCS. (We will, however, have the complete bowl rundown later tonight or early tomorrow.)

Complete rankings after the jump.

USA Today Coaches Poll:

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas (tied)
8. Oklahoma (tied)
10. Boise State
11. Virginia Tech
12. LSU
13. Oklahoma State
14. Missouri
15. Nebraska
16. Nevada
17. Texas A&M
18. Alabama
19. Utah
20. South Carolina
21. West Virginia
22. Mississippi State
23. Florida State
24. Central Florida
25. Hawaii

AP Poll:

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. Oklahoma
10. Boise State
11. LSU
12. Virginia Tech
13. Nevada
14. Missouri
15. Alabama
16. Oklahoma State
17. Nebraska
18. Texas A&M
19. South Carolina
20. Utah
21. Mississippi State
22. West Virginia
23. Florida State
24. Hawaii
25. Connecticut