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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: A Rivalry Revived

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Ah, Packers fans... What can you say about them? That they're loyal? Sure.

That they dress funny? Certainly. They dress themselves much like they dress their bratwurst; mustard yellow and relish green.

Can you say they're hard to insult? When Chicagoans started calling them 'Cheeseheads', they began wearing cheese. On their heads.

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have played one another, more than any other two teams in the NFL ever have. This match-up has inspired as much animosity as any rivalry in any sport. It's a rivalry that has literally lasted generations. It's one of the most reliably held grudges available.

Or so we thought.

Earlier in the year, when your NFC North Champion Chicago Bears were everyone's favorite four-wins-if-they're-lucky whipping boy, before the first Bears-Packers game of the year, some Green Bay fans had a new angle. They were dismissive.

"Oh, most of us think that the Vikings are our biggest rival these days."

Oh, really? It's the last game of the season, now. The Bears have beaten the Packers once and their 'biggest rival' twice, and we stand directly between Green Bay and a playoff berth.

Have we got your attention now?

Yes Chicago, the big city with all the tall buildings, museums and books, is also where the Green Bay Packers playoff fortunes lay. Even if the Pack should win Sunday and make the playoffs, chances are they'll end up right back in Chicago the next week.

But hopefully, the Bears can wrap up the Packers season this weekend so they can watch the Bears playoff run from the comfort of home.

Just like their rivals.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for all the injuries, insults, updates, and news for this regular season finale between the Bears and Packers.