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LeBron James Wants You To Pay To Come To His Birthday Party

At the risk of making Christmas Eve here at SB Nation Chicago an "all LeBron James day", this report about the pompous Miami Heat star deserves mention, and derision.

↵↵James will turn 26 next Thursday. And despite the fact that he earns $14.5 million to play basketball:↵↵
The Miami Heat player has hired a marketing firm to find backers willing to help fund his December 30 party, dubbed the "Full Court Birthday Celebration."

What, that's not enough to fill his buddies' goodie bags? Wait, it gets more ridiculous:

The celebrity bash "is royal themed fitting for a birthday celebration of a king, channeling an ambience of extravagant court life."↵

↵Potential sponsors will have further chances to catch a glimpse of the self-styled "King" as his celebrations -- which started in New York this month -- keep going until the final date in Atlanta on April 10.↵

↵But for someone who pays so much attention to the finer details, his name is spelled "Lebron" throughout the presentation -- at odds with his own website's preference.

Seriously: "birthday celebration of a king, channeling an ambience of extravagant court life"? Who is this, a professional basketball player or Czar Nicholas II? And just remember what happened to poor Nicky. This is beyond ridiculous.


LeBron, you need to be taken down about a million notches. NBAers -- you can start by defeating this pompous ass and his teammates every single game they play. LeBron, you may have bought a championship. But you are a miserable human being.