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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Illinois Plummets After Loss To UIC

The University of Illinois Fighting Illini must have gone into Saturday's game against their Chicago rivals, the UIC Flames, overconfident; it's a game a ranked team should have won against its smaller brothers easily. The Flames upset the Illini and that shows in this week's NCAA college basketball rankings; the Illini, who were ranked No. 12 in the AP poll and No. 14 in the coaches poll last week, dropped to No. 21 in both polls with the loss.

Duke continues on top of both polls and Ohio State second; other Big Ten schools that rank are Michigan State (No. 12 in both polls), Purdue (No. 13 in the coaches poll, No. 14 in the AP poll), and Minnesota (No. 16 in the coaches poll, No. 17 in the AP poll). It's conceivable that Northwestern, who got the 32nd highest point total in the AP poll and 31st highest in the coaches poll, could be ranked next week if they can win the MSG Holiday Classic, taking place tonight and tomorrow at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Full rankings after the jump (first-place votes in parentheses).

AP Poll:

1 Duke (64)
2 Ohio State (1)
3 Kansas
4 Connecticut
5 Syracuse
6 Pittsburgh
7 San Diego State
8 Villanova
9 Missouri
10 Georgetown
11 Kansas State
12 Michigan State
13 Kentucky
14 Purdue
15 Baylor
16 Memphis
17 Minnesota
18 Texas
19 Tennessee
20 Florida
21 Illinois
22 Notre Dame
23 Brigham Young
24 UCF
25 Texas A&M

USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll:

1. Duke (31)
2. Ohio State
3. Kansas
4. Connecticut
5. Syracuse
6. Pittsburgh
7. San Diego State
8. Villanova
9. Georgetown
10. Missouri
11. Kansas State
12. Michigan State
13. Purdue
14. Kentucky
15. Baylor
16. Minnesota
17. Memphis
18. Tennessee
19. Florida
20. Notre Dame
21. Illinois
22. Texas
23. Brigham Young
24. Texas A&M
25. Louisville