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Ryan Michaels Band Video 'Torture' Airs On MLB Network

As we wrote here at the Deep Dish during the World Series, Ryan Michaels, the leader of the eponymous Nashville-based Ryan Michaels Band, is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants.


During the World Series, the band released a song called "Torture" which is supposed to reflect the tortured feelings of Giants fans while they were waiting to break their 56-year World Series drought (wimps; try 102 years on for size. Or the 88-year drought the White Sox broke). Cubs fans can surely relate to this feeling.


Included in that November 1 post was a YouTube version of the video for the song. MLB honchos liked it enough that they licensed it for use on the MLB Network. We're reposting this today because according to the band's Facebook page, the MLB Network will be airing the video at approximately 7:59 p.m. Central time tonight, as the "rollout" after their 20 Greatest Games selection show; if you'd like to see it "on the big screen" (or at least on as big a screen as you have at home), here's your chance.


Though the band is Nashville-based, it does have a Chicago connection -- keyboardist Peter Spero is a Chicago-area native (and a high school classmate of mine). Glad to give them some props.