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BULLS ANALYSIS: Derrick Rose Injuries Temper Bulls' Happiness Over Win

Well, this is all the Bulls need. They are on their first six-game winning streak in four years. The Bulls extended that streak to seven; they haven’t won eight in a row since the Michael Jordan era ended in 1998.

But Derrick Rose may have a minor wrist injury. He fell on the wrist after one of his patented high flying moves with just under two minutes remaining. Earlier in the game, he had turned an ankle.

While Rose is clearly the team leader, superstar and MVP candidate, one thing last night’s game proved is that the Bulls are a team, not the amalgam of narcissistic superstars and random waiver wire guys that certain teams that play near South Beach are. Carlos Boozer had a double double last night and a season high 18 rebounds. The Bulls have held opponents to 96.3 points per game, ninth in the NBA, but three games in a row have now held their opponents to a season low, including the 73 given up to the Pacers Monday night.

The Bulls will face the Raptors in Toronto on Wednesday; nothing’s a gimme in the NBA, but even if Rose can’t play or isn’t at full strength, the Bulls should win that game.