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Does The BCS Hate The Big Ten?

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Over at Off Tackle Empire, Jonathan Franz has a post decrying the BCS and its unfairness towards the Big Ten. Specifically, he’s upset that if current BCS projections for the final season rankings hold, the highest one-loss Big Ten team (projected to be Ohio State) will have exactly a 0% chance of going to the National Championship game because of their position behind teams from the SEC, Pac-10 and Big 12 that have identical records.


He makes a compelling argument, though I’m personally more incensed by the idea that Ohio State will jump Wisconsin despite losing to them by nearly two touchdowns. For the record, I still don’t think that this will actually happen (a position that is contrary to most of the BCS projectors out there), but if it does happen it will be just another example of why the current BCS system needs to go.


We’ve been on the record here at SB Nation Chicago as being no great fans of the BCS. Al has been incensed that non-automatic-qualifier schools like Boise State seem to get screwed over by the BCS system year in and year out, no matter what they do. Of course, objections from schools like Boise State or TCU and their fans tend to fall on deaf ears, due to their presence in smaller and less well regarded conferences. If the only objections to the system come from the likes of them, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a change anytime soon. But, if the bigger name schools start finding themselves left out a few years in a row, maybe the cries for a college football playoff will finally become too loud for the NCAA to ignore.


At least, one can hope…