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Chicago Bulls Vs. Denver Nuggets Preview: Melo Comes To Chicago

Rumors flew all offseason about the Denver Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony being traded to one of several teams, including the Bulls; the deal supposedly would have included Joakim Noah.

For his part, 'Melo was noncommittal in a post-shootaround press conference in which reporters badgered him about Chicago:

Question: Have you let your mind wander about what it would be like to play in Chicago?

Anthony: Maybe if I was a free agent, I would let my mind wander. But I can't do that right now. I have to focus on being a Nugget and playing Nuggets basketball. It wouldn't be right if I let my mind wander.

Question: Is there an aura about Chicago basketball because of Michael Jordan?

Anthony: Of course what MJ brought to the city, just the city itself being a big city and the historic value of basketball, everyone know what Chicago is like.

Question: Where do you stand on the business aspect of your decision?

Anthony: I'm not even thinking about business right now, man. I'm all about basketball at this very moment.

Question: Is there a scenario if Denver continues to play well in which you can see yourself staying with this organization?

Anthony: Sure. I mean, why not? I don't see why not.

Question: When the rumors started, fans here seemed to want you. What does that do for your ego?

Anthony: I'm not a big egotistical type of guy. But it's always good to know people want you and would love for you to represent their city.

Question: Where does Chicago rank for you in NBA cities?

Anthony: Of course it's one of the top. Want to know a number? You know, top three.

That's a monster truck full of irrelevant questions. While Melo is in Chicago tonight as his Nuggets face the Bulls, it'll be his only appearance in Chicago during the 2010-11 season barring an unlikely Nuggets/Bulls matchup in the NBA finals. The Nuggets have been trying to overcome injuries, and have won their last two in a row. They may be without Nene tonight; he's battling groin problems.

Tonight's game begins at 7 p.m. CDT and will be televised on CSN Chicago.