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Chicago Bears Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick Meets The Monsters Of The Midway

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles, led by the resurgent Michael Vick, take on the Chicago Bears and their league leading defense. Something's got to give as the irresistible force of Philly's big scoring offense, meets the immovable object of Rod Marrinelli's shut-down defense.

Every game is a must-win for Chicago, who share the same 7-3 record as their NFC North rivals in Green Bay. The Packers are looking tough as they make their bid for post-season play, beating the Vikings convincingly in Minnesota last Sunday.

Michael Vick's performance against the Washington Redskins, a 59-28 drubbing, is making him a popular candidate for league MVP. It's still way too early to make that call, but Vick's new-found respectability is well-deserved.

And speaking of new-found respectability, a lot of people have started talking about the Chicago Bears, without that air of skepticism that permeated the first half of their season. Their dominant defense, dangerous special teams, and an offense that seems to have marshaled its forces, are making believers the old fashioned way: by winning.

Keep looking right here for all the news and updates for the week leading up to game day. And don't forget that we're here all through game day, bringing you highlights, as they happen.

Go Bears!