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NBA Power Rankings, Week 4: Bulls Finally Get Some Respect

The mothership,, has released its NBA Power Rankings for week 4 of the NBA season (hard to believe, we're in the fourth week already!).

At last, the Bulls, by virtue of their 2-1 mark so far on what will likely be their toughest road trip of the season, have moved up past the Miami Heat and into third place in's Eastern Conference rankings, behind the top-ranked Orlando Magic and second-place Boston Celtics.

The Bulls have a way to go, of course -- first, they have played the fewest games of anyone in the NBA (eleven; some teams have played as many as fifteen). They have a tough game tonight in Los Angeles against the 12-2 Lakers, who are 7-1 at home. Nevertheless, Derrick Rose has made a statement that he wants to be considered in the top rank of superstars in the league. Perhaps this move he made on the Washington Wizards' John Wall will convince you:

And can we say how happy we are that the Miami Heat lost yet again last night, to the Indiana Pacers, who are just 6-6? The Heat, predicted by some to break the Bulls' season win record, have a mediocre 8-6 mark, lost Udonis Haslem with a foot injury, and have now lost two in a row (something certain commentators said they'd never do) for the second time this season.