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Bears Vs. Bills: We're Back, Baby!

This Sunday the Bears meet the Buffalo Bills in Toronto. During their bye week the Bears fell a half game out of first place, by virtue of an unexpected Packers win against the NY Jets. The Buffalo Bills are a dismal 0-7, but they've taken the Baltimore Ravens and KC Chiefs to overtime on consecutive Sundays, and are clearly hungry for their first win.

The Bears are rested, relatively healthy, and are hopefully ready to debut a more balanced offensive attack. Major Wright is expected to be back in the mix at safety, and Jay Cutler is anxious to put his 5 turnover performance against the Redskins behind him.

The Bills, who will play one regular season game a year in Toronto for the foreseeable future, don't really have home-field advantage. They may have a slight edge in fan base, but at 0-7 aren't really the draw the NFL had hoped for their Canadian showcase.

Keep an eye here for updates news and features over the week. And come Sunday, we'll be providing you with up-to-the-minute game highlights.