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BCS Rankings: Week 12 Standings, New Week, Same Order

The big winner in this week's BCS rankings is ... nobody, as the top 10 remained the same as last week. That's the first time that's happened in 10 years.

Boise State, by virtue of its big win while the three teams ahead of them struggled to win, might have a chance to leapfrog TCU next week. Doing so would make them the top-ranked team from a non-automatically qualifying conference. The team that does that gets ... roses. The third-ranked team in the BCS is likely to be sent to the Rose Bowl against the Big Ten champion, which could be either Michigan State, Ohio State or Wisconsin.

Still, it will take a loss by Oregon or Auburn -- and maybe both, and maybe more than one loss from one of them -- to give Boise State a berth in the BCS title game, which in the opinion of the Deep Dish they would deserve if they win out and no one else does. Death to the BCS.

BCS Standings, Week 12:

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Nebraska
9. Ohio State
10. Oklahoma State
11. Alabama
12. Michigan State
13. Arkansas
14. Oklahoma
15. Missouri
16. Virginia Tech
17. South Carolina
18. Nevada
19. Texas A&M
20. Iowa
21. Mississippi State
22. Arizona
23. Utah
24. Miami
25. Florida State