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AP College Basketball Poll: Illinois Comes In 13th

The college football season is barely into its second half and, believe it or not, it's already time for the first preseason NCAA college baskeball poll.

At least that's one sport where the NCAA decides its champion by, you know, an actual tournament -- one that's about the most popular sporting event every March.

Last year's champion Duke Blue Devils top the preseason rankings, but runner-up Butler -- who came within a missed basket of dethroning powerful Duke in the title game -- ranks only 16th. Illinois is 13th, but three other Big Ten schools rank in the Top 25; see the complete Top 25 after the jump.

Complete preseason AP Top 25 college basketball poll:

1. Duke
2. Michigan State
3. Kansas State
4. Ohio State
5. Pittsburgh
6. Villanova
7. Kansas
8. North Carolina
9. Florida
10. Syracuse
11. Kentucky
12. Gonzaga
13. Illinois
14. Purdue
15. Missouri
16. Baylor
17. Butler
18. Washington
19. Memphis
20. Georgetown
21. Virginia Tech
22. Temple
23. Tennessee
24. BYU
25. San Diego State