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NBC Sports Report: Cubs To Hire Quade As Manager, Sandberg As Bench Coach

On Thursday, October 14, NBC Sports posted a report quoting Will Carroll on Twitter that the Cubs would hire Mike Quade as manager and Ryne Sandberg as bench coach:

Triple-A Iowa skipper Ryne Sandberg is going to promoted to the position of Cubs bench coach, according to Carroll, and will probably serve as a kind of successor to Quade. The 53-year-old former third base coach led the Cubs to an impressive 24-13 record down the stretch. Carroll, formerly of Baseball Prospectus, says an official announcement could be made by next week.
On Friday, October 15, SB Nation Chicago learned that this is simply a rumor and has no basis in fact. We'll continue to update this StoryStream™ as information comes in regarding the Cubs' manager position and when someone is actually hired, we'll also post it here.