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The Yankees Take On Some Chicago Style


Except for one horrendous, torturous, all-manner-of-bad-things eighth inning on an October night in Chicago in 2003, Jim Hendry might have a much different résumé. ...

Red Sox Hire Veteran Scout Gary Hughes


Hughes has been in the game for 45 years, and most recently worked alongside Jim Hendry for nine years with the Cubs. Hendry was recently hired by the Yankees, pitting these two against each other in the AL East.

Good Riddance Hendry. Quade, You Can Stay. Cubs 2012 Outlook.


I would love to see the Cubs get a high-profile GM like Epstein or Cashman. Not sure if Freidman is a good fit. I think he'd lose his mind not working on a strict budget. Haha!

Wilken will NOT leave with Hendry


As many of us suspected, the "Wilken will leave if we fire Hendry" meme was a lot of hot air and baseless speculation. Does Wilken still want to see it through and watch his draft picks grow up and form the core of a contender? "Hell yeah," Wilken said. "Without a doubt. That was my goal when I came here. Jim hired me, but I work for the Chicago Cubs." That settles that. It will, of course, be up to the new GM. But (edit) Ricketts will recommend that they keep Wilken on, and he's hoping to stay.

Jim Hendry Out As Cubs General Manager


Jim Hendry: He gone.

Jim Hendry Fired By Cubs

Randy Bush will take over on an interim basis.

Jim Hendry's Last-Gasp Effort With Garza Came Up Short


The Matt Garza trade was Jim Hendry's final chance at bringing the Cubs into contention, and with its failure came the loss of his job.

Ignominious Departures Of The Hendry Era


This feels a bit more like a pattern and less like bad luck. So Al's not backing Hendry anymore; does just leave the Ricketts in his corner?

The Future Of Jim Hendry And The Cubs

About to start the second half of one of the worst Cubs seasons ever, let's have a look at the GM's job.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Creight: Getting to Know the Creighton Bluejays


The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Creighton Bluejays in the Corvallis Regional of the NCAA Baseball Tournament on Friday. Dawg Sports provides insights from the perspective of a graduate of...

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