2011 NBA Draft Preview: Power Forwards And Centers

Rankings of this years big men.

In today's NBA draft preview we will take a look at the big men in this years draft and how they rank. These are two positions the Bulls have some depth at with Carlos BoozerTaj Gibson, Omer Asik, and Joakim Noah but it never hurts to add more big men. Here are my rankings of this years big men.

Power Forwards

1) Derrick Williams- 6'8", Arizona

Pros- NBA Ready. Great Size. Explosive. Decisive and strong finisher.

Cons- Modest defensive player. Average rebounder. Turnover prone in traffic.

NBA Comparison- Michael Beasley


2) Tristan Thompson- 6'9", Texas

Pros- Good athlete. Runs the floor well. Good hands.

Cons- Game restricted to the low block.  Needs to improve jumpshot. Poor free throw shooter.

NBA Comparison- Charles Smith


3) Donatas Motiejunas-7'0", Lithuania

Pros- Legit seven footer. Offensive potential. Scores both inside and outside. Great ball handler.

Cons- Strength. Rebounding. Defensive. Has been known as being immature.

NBA Comparison- Dirk Nowitzki


4) Marcus Morris-6'8", Kansas

Pros- Versatile. Advanced ball skills. Great touch. Excellent work ethic.

Cons- Not explosive. Lacks length. Poor foul shooter. Limited ceiling.

NBA Comparison- Al Harrington


5) Markieff Morris- 6'9", Kansas

Pros- Nice touch on shot. Great finisher. Aggressive. Active.

Cons- No real advanced post moves. Limited ceiling.

NBA Comparison- Drew Gooden.



1) Enes Kanter- 6'11", Kentucky

Pros- Size,strength, and polished. Soft hands. Rebounding. Coachable.

Cons- Physical Health. Foot speed.

NBA Comparison- Al Horford.


2) Jonas Valanciunas- 6'11", Lithuania

Pros- Size. Rebounding. Fluid athlete. Runs court well. Eager to improve.

Cons- Can't creat own offense. Perimeter game. Gets in foul trouble.

NBA Comparison- Spencer Hawes.


3) Jeremy Tyler-6'10", Tokyo Apache

Pros- Size. Great coordination. Footwork. Raw ability.

Cons- Needs more polish. Shaky defender. Focus. Discipline. Foul trouble.

NBA Comparison- Nazr Muhammad.


4) Bismack Biyombo- 6'9", Congo

Pros- Explosive. Speed and hustle. Low post skills. High charachter.

Cons- Offensive game not NBA ready. Footwork. Average passer.

NBA Comparison- Adonal Foyle.


5) Keith Benson- 6'11", Oakland

Pros- Good height and wingspan. Runs floor well. Soft touch. Willing to learn.

Cons- Thin. Doesn't play physical. Competition Level in College.


Tomorrow-Mock Draft.

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