Chicago Bulls Vs. Denver Nuggets: Who Needs Melo? Bulls Beat Melo's Team, 94-92

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ANALYSIS: Do Bulls Need Carmelo Anthony?

The Bulls defeated Carmelo Anthony’s team 94-92 on Monday night despite ’Melo scoring 32 points. Much of thee rest of the Nuggets team is off injured or coming back from injury, so you can clearly see how one player like that can lead a depleted bunch to victory, and perhaps salivate over how those 32 points would make the Bulls even better.

But would they, really? The Bulls had a balanced attack Monday night led by Derrick Rose’s 18 points, but four other Bulls (Keith Bogans, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Taj Gibson) all scored in double figures and Noah had 19 rebounds. Noah’s 15 rebounds per game is leading the NBA in the early going by a large margin (second is the RocketsLuis Scola at 12.3). Noah would probably be one player who would have to go to Denver in any deal for Anthony.

It probably isn’t necessary. Derrick Rose is one of the league’s leading scorers; when you try to shove two scorers into one lineup, dissension can occur. There’s only one basketball.

Here are some comments from coach Tom Thibodeau about the Bulls’ performance Monday night; he particularly praised his team’s defense.


Joakim Noah Has 19 Rebounds In Bulls Come-From-Behind Win

Chicago, IL (Sports Network) – Derrick Rose had a team-high 18 points and added six assists, and Luol Deng finished with 17 points and seven rebounds, as the Chicago Bulls edged the Denver Nuggets, 94-92, at the United Center.

Taj Gibson had 16 points for Chicago, which shot 41.5 percent from the field and snapped a two-game slide. Joakim Noah pulled in 19 rebounds to go with 13 points.

Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 32 points and added eight rebounds for the Nuggets, who were coming off wins over the Clippers and Dallas. Arron Afflalo ended with 15 points and Chauncey Billups chipped in with 14 in defeat.


Chicago Bulls Vs. Denver Nuggets Preview: Melo Comes To Chicago

Rumors flew all offseason about the Denver Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony being traded to one of several teams, including the Bulls; the deal supposedly would have included Joakim Noah.

For his part, 'Melo was noncommittal in a post-shootaround press conference in which reporters badgered him about Chicago:

Question: Have you let your mind wander about what it would be like to play in Chicago?

Anthony: Maybe if I was a free agent, I would let my mind wander. But I can't do that right now. I have to focus on being a Nugget and playing Nuggets basketball. It wouldn't be right if I let my mind wander.

Question: Is there an aura about Chicago basketball because of Michael Jordan?

Anthony: Of course what MJ brought to the city, just the city itself being a big city and the historic value of basketball, everyone know what Chicago is like.

Question: Where do you stand on the business aspect of your decision?

Anthony: I'm not even thinking about business right now, man. I'm all about basketball at this very moment.

Question: Is there a scenario if Denver continues to play well in which you can see yourself staying with this organization?

Anthony: Sure. I mean, why not? I don't see why not.

Question: When the rumors started, fans here seemed to want you. What does that do for your ego?

Anthony: I'm not a big egotistical type of guy. But it's always good to know people want you and would love for you to represent their city.

Question: Where does Chicago rank for you in NBA cities?

Anthony: Of course it's one of the top. Want to know a number? You know, top three.

That's a monster truck full of irrelevant questions. While Melo is in Chicago tonight as his Nuggets face the Bulls, it'll be his only appearance in Chicago during the 2010-11 season barring an unlikely Nuggets/Bulls matchup in the NBA finals. The Nuggets have been trying to overcome injuries, and have won their last two in a row. They may be without Nene tonight; he's battling groin problems.

Tonight's game begins at 7 p.m. CDT and will be televised on CSN Chicago.

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