NHL lockout: Players, owners continue negotiations amid work stoppage

A collective bargaining session between the NHL and NHLPA is scheduled for Tuesday.

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Blackhawks' Montador not optimistic for new deal

Despite some renewed optimism, Chicago Blackhawks player representative Steve Montador is not "holding his breath" for a new deal to be reached soon that would end the NHL lockout.


Young Blackhawks struggle to score for Rockford

Marcus Kruger was the only player to find the back of the net for the Rockford Icehogs on Saturday in a loss.


Blackhawks' Kane holding off on Europe move

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane isn't ready to sign a deal with a European team.


Steve Montador says owner's proposal a good step

The NHL offered a new proposal to the NHLPA on Tuesday, and Chicago Blackhawks defender Steve Montador said that the offer is a start in a new direction. The proposal reportedly includes a 50-50 revenue split between the owners and the players, and some additional small concessions by the owners. The other points in the proposal are:

  • Free agency begins at 28, or after eight years of service
  • Entry-level contracts start at three years in length
  • The league retains the process of salary arbitration

According to commissioner Gary Bettman, the league's proposal is geared so that games may be able to start soon enough to squeeze in an 82-game schedule in 2012-2013. Montador, though, said that the two sides are "still a ways away from getting [a deal] done, unfortunately."

As far as the revenue split goes, the last collective bargaining agreement gave the players 57 percent, but the owners' first proposal for this agreement sought to reduce the players' share to 43 percent.


Duncan Keith frustrated over lockout

Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks is just as frustrated as everyone else over the NHL lockout.


Duncan Keith would consider playing in Europe

Duncan Keith joins a growing list of Blackhawks' players that would consider playing in Europe.


Patrick Sharp struggling with overseas decision

Patrick Sharp is one of many NHL players who are struggling with the decision to uproot their families and play hockey overseas during the work stoppage.


The NHL and NHLPA will return to the table Friday

Discussions on a new NHL collective bargaining agreement could start again on Friday. According to what sources have told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA counsel Steve Fehr met in Toronto Tuesday to schedule the new round of talks.

Fehr and Daly met on Monday, but did not schedule more negotiations. The new round of talks will be held in New York City, and are expected to begin with non-economic issues.

Little progress has been made in the NHL labor talks since players were officially locked out on Sept. 16. That has fans frustrated, as well as Chicago Blackhawks players like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews looking for places overseas where hockey is being played, for pay.

Preseason games through Sept. 30 have already been canceled. Much like 2004-05, it's believed the tenor and quality of this week's talks might very well determine how long this lockout lasts.


Blackhawks players frustrated, but not panicking

Many Chicago Blackhawks players are getting more and more frustrated with the NHL lockout, but they're not going to panic just yet.


Blackhawks Winger Daniel Carcillo Says Knee Feels 'Great'

Chicago Blackhawks winger Daniel Carcillo told the Chicago Tribune that his surgically-repaired knee held up fine after an informal practice Wednesday. Carcillo had surgery last January to repair a torn left ACL, and had this to say:

"Structurally, my knee is great... It's just a matter of getting back in skating shape."

With the NHL lockout in effect, players are organizing practices on their own.

Carcillo scored two goals and added nine assists in only 28 games with the Blackhawks last season before his injury. The 205-pound left winger also took 82 penalty minutes.

Carcillo said in a Tribune video that he still feels sluggish, having not skated much lately, but he was happy to see some teammates at practice.

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Blackhawks Star Jonathan Toews Says He'll Be Playing Hockey 'One Way Or Another'

The NHL lockout is forcing some players to look overseas for work while the NHLPA and owners attempt to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.

On Wednesday, the league cancelled all September preseason games. Players aren't going to sit around much longer waiting and hoping for a resolution.

Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews is one of those players who is looking for work overseas -- and says that he'll be playing hockey "one way or another."

"One way or another I'll be playing hockey. Hopefully it's here," Jonathan Toews said. "But guys are showing right now (that) we're feeling very strong about what we've come up with, what we presented to the league. Our sacrifices have been substantial, our attempts to be reasonable and come up with something that makes sense. If they can't wrap their heads around it, we need to find jobs to play hockey. Nobody blames those (players) for looking for opportunities right now. It's what everyone should be thinking."

League owners will certainly be unhappy about their prized players playing in lesser leagues overseas, but there's little they can do about it while the league is locked out.

As CSN Chicago points out, it's not just European and Russian players looking to play overseas, but American players are now looking to do that as well. Logan Couture and Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks are headed to play in the Swiss League, just like New York Rangers forward Rick Nash.

Hopefully, a resolution comes sooner rather than later.

For all things Blackhawks, check out Second City Hockey.


NHL Lockout: Jonathan Toews Understands Fans' Frustration

Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews is just one of many frustrated by the NHL's latest lockout.

In just the fourth day of the lockout, the league cancelled all September preseason games, leaving most teams with just two exhibition contests scheduled in early October.

While the players and owners go back and forth looking for more money, the fans sit at home waiting and hoping that a resolution is near.

Toews understands the fans' frustration, and discussed the lockout with CSN Chicago.

"People in Canada really understand what's gone on the last 18 years or so since (Gary) Bettman's been commissioner and the repetitiveness of these situations," Toews said. "People in Chicago, especially are more disappointed. Look at the last five years and how great hockey's been in this city and the energy it's brought. People are scared we're going to miss the season and that we're not going to see hockey. Even if it's an 80-game season instead of 82, it's disappointing. There's no reason to go to that point."

Chicago's regular-season schedule is set to begin Oct. 13 in Chicago, against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Unless talks resume at a rapid pace, the first wave of regular season games could soon be in jeopardy.

For more on all things Blackhawks, check out Second City Hockey.


NHL Lockout: League Cancels September Preseason Games

The NHL announced Wednesday afternoon that the league's September preseason games have been cancelled, thanks to the NHL's second lockout in the last seven years.

The Chicago Blackhawks had been scheduled to play four exhibition games in September, as they were set to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers.

Chicago still has two preseason games scheduled for October, as the Blackhawks are set to take on the Penguins in Pittsburgh on Oct. 5, and then play host to the Flyers on Oct. 6. Barring a miraculous turn of events, the October preseason games will likely be cancelled in the near future.

The Blackhawks are scheduled to open the 2012-13 regular season at home on Oct. 13 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Regular season games will soon be in jeopardy, too, unless serious negotiations take place between the players and owners.

For the latest on all things Blackhawks, be sure to check out Second City Hockey and join the discussion.


NHL Lockout: Chicago Blackhawks Not Yet Laying Off Employees

One of the saddest truths of lockouts in sports is that team employees are often unintended casualties. Teams in both the NBA and NFL slash employee salaries during their respective lockouts, and NHL teams like the Florida Panthers and Ottawa Senators have already begun to lay employees off due to the NHL's lockout. The Chicago Blackhawks, though, are not planning on joining those teams.

Team chairman Rocky Wirtz told reporters on Wednesday that the team isn't going to be making any changes to its personnel "for the foreseeable future." The lockout began at midnight on Saturday, and the NHL and NHLPA currently don't have any formal negotiating meetings scheduled.

The NHLis currently in its second lockout in less than a decade, but a resolution is not imminent with training camps and the preseason rapidly approaching.

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