AFC Championship Game Jets Vs. Steelers: Steelers Lead 24-3 At Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are driving, and they're helped across midfield by a roughing call on a defenseless receiver. Rashard Mendenhall is getting chunks of yards on every run. He's got 50 rushing yards early. Brian Thomas gets an interception, off Mendenahll's fingertips, and the Jets get the ball back at the 35, but they lose four on first down. They lose five more on a false start, they go three and out.

A Steelers bounce on the punt, gives them the ball at their 38. Another great run by Mendenhall takes them to the Jets 27. He gets eight more on the next play. Redman takes the ball and gets to the seven. Pittsburgh has over 125 yards on the ground already. Pittsburgh takes a timeout. They can't convert on third and goal, they'll kick the field goal.

10-0 Pittsburgh

The Steelers kickoff out of bounds, and start from their 40, but they can't capitalize. They're three and out. They punt and the Steelers start from their 34. A pass to Heath Miller takes them into Jets territory. hey've dominated time of possession with the run, but a couple of long passes on this drive got them into the red zone again. Rashard Mendenhall falls at the two yard line, and on the next play Ben Roethlisberger takes it on for the score.

17-0 Steelers

The two minute warning coincides with the Steelers kickoff. It's a squib kick and Brad Smith takes it to the 33. Mark Sanchez is sacked on first down, and nearly picked off on second down. They haven't had a chance to get in synch. Snachez is hit while dropping back, the ball pops out, and William Gay picks it up and runs it in for a score. There is a booth review, to decide if it was a fumble or incomplete pass. Mark sanchez had to be helped off the field, he's holding his arm.  The ruling is confirmed.

24 -0 Steelers

With 1:13 left, the Jets will receive again. Sanchez comes back out, and Jerricho Cotchery is down, hurt on the runback. The Jets will start from their 30. They have 12 total yards of offense thus far in the quarter.

Two completes, and the Jets get their only first down of quarter. They get another on a defensive penalty. They're moving the ball into field goal range. With 14 seconds left, they'll send out Nick Folk, and he makes the 42 yarder.

24-3 Steelers

The Jets squib kick to the 32 yard line with eight seconds, and the Steelers take a knee to end the half.

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