Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier Names Brett Favre His Starting Quarterback

Leslie Frazier, who won a Super Bowl ring as a Chicago Bear in 1985, is now the interim coach of the Vikings.

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Zygi Wilf And The Vikings To Ride Favre's Coattails To The Bitter End

Leslie Frazier, Interim head coach for the Minnesota Vikings, named Brett Favre his starting quarterback, "without hesitation." That should tell you a few things right off the bat. The first is that Tarvaris Jackson, who is a free agent after this season, will probably not be wearing a Vikings uniform next year. If Zygi Wilf's organization had any interest in moving forward with Jackson, they'd be getting him some valuable game-time experience. If the decision wasn't already made Leslie Frazier would at least want to get a look, at how Jackson handles himself in action.

Brett Favre has said he's not coming back in 2011, and although he's made similar statements in the past, it seems likely he's sincere this time. He's had a horrible season, with multiple nagging injuries, the league is investigating him for sexual harassment, and he leads the league in turnovers.

And now with Brad Childress being removed, that includes job turnover, as well.

So with nothing left to do but run out the string, and find out his place on the draft board next year, is Zygi Wilf playing to the cameras? If he can't produce a title, he can certainly provide bread and circuses.

Leslie Frazier said that the players in the locker room believe that Favre gives them their best chance to win, but that's doubtful. I would be willing to believe, with nothing left to play for, the Minnesota Vikings players would like to be part of the final chapter of the Brett Favre story.

It's like being in the front row, as history is being made. Better, really. It's like being on stage, as history is being made. And the NFL is very, very good at recording its history. On Jan. 2, the last day of the regular season, there will probably be several games that will determine the outcome of final playoff spots. But don't be surprised if the most reported story of the day, takes place in Detroit, when the Vikings meet the equally lowly Lions, for a game of no consequence.

Unless Brett Favre is injured badly enough to merit a full body cast, he will start his last NFL game on that day. And there will be hosts of cameras to document it. Even now, broadcasters and writers from every corner of the sports world, are writing their final thoughts about Brett Favre's long and storied career. Or, maybe they're just updating copy from one of Favre's other retirements, to save time. 

The Chicago Bears have their last game against Favre and the Vikings on Dec. 20, a Monday Night Football broadcast. That will be a preview to the theatrical finale the media will be throwing in honor of the big event. All you have to do to imagine it, is remember Brett's first last MNF game that was eulogized by John Madden. Yeah, this retirement party has been going on that long.

The point is, they'll all be ready to record that moment when he takes his last snap. It'll be a huge dramatic moment. Brett hugging teammates, Brett crying again, Brett walking in to that last press conference. Covered at all times in purple and yellow, the Vikings logo everywhere. That'll get the brand out there.

Most of what the Vikings recent decisions have said to me, they've whispered to that most cynical place in my mind. There's a labor dispute looming, that is causing fundamental differences in the way NFL business gets done. Peter King talks about owner's philosophies towards coaching changes with the strike looming.The players union is conjuring up nightmare scenarios for regional economies to win local government support.

And Zygi Wilf is firing a successful head coach, and playing a washed-up football superstar to keep the fans happy, and the cameras in Minnesota rolling.

It looks like both sides are doing everything in their power to curry favor. Maybe at the next Vikings home game, the fans should chant ",Free Beer!"

It's worth a try.


Firing Childress May Be Good P.R. But It's Poor Logic

After another Brett Favre incomplete pass ended another Minnesota Vikings drive, the chant went up, "Fire Childress! Fire Childress! Fire Childress!"  And today, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf did just that. Brad Childress is out, and defensive coordinator (and more importantly, member of the 1985 Chicago Bears) is in. I'm happy for Leslie Frazier, although not so happy that I'll wish him success in his new position. Nevertheless, I'm not entirely sold on this decision.

Any fraternity boy who ever woke up with a massive hangover and shaved eyebrows can tell you: Don't listen to what the crowd is chanting. The same people who are cheering you now, will be posting YouTube videos of you crashing later on.

Angry mobs are not known for their decision making skills. They tend to overlook any subtleties and nuances, present in a given situation. That's why historically the crowd is better off relegated to chants like "DEE-Fense!...DEE-Fense!". or "GO (Team Name) Go!", rather than something like," Two-Four-Six-Eight! Go to the shotgun formation, and have the tight end pull back and help block the left side!"

Brad Childress was offered up as a sacrificial lamb, or in this case goat, to the angry Vikings villagers, who were waving their purple and yellow pitchforks and demanding someone be held accountable for their disappointment. Because, the Minnesota Vikings have a lot of problems this year.

But firing Childress doesn't solve any of them, that I can see.

It doesn't take any names off the injury report, that at one time or another has listed nearly every wide receiver on the Vikings roster. It doesn't make Brett Favre's body 25, or even 35 years old. Leslie Frazier (who according to John Mullin of, might have been the Bears head coach by now, in a parallel universe) was coaching the defense that gave up 374 yards and 31 points to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, so the defense doesn't improve.

It might make Brett Favre happy. Brett, who didn't want to deal with the drudgery of training camp, because you know, he's Brett Favre,didn't get along with Childress. Even though Childress was apparently willing to let him come in after camp straight out of Hattiesburg with his own personal Honor Guard, and lead Minnesota's professional football club towards a championship.

Somewhere in between looking sad at press conferences, turning 41, and committing 22 turnovers this year, Everybody's All-American Brett Favre courted discontent over Childress in the Vikings locker room. Suddenly, like a bunch of wanna-be's following the example of the BMOC, everyone was complaining about Childress. Suddenly, he's not a 'Player's Coach'.

Last year, when Minnesota was 14-2, nobody complained that Brad Childress wasn't a player's coach. And come to think of it, it wasn't Brad Childress that threw the INT that kept the Vikings from beating the New Orleans Saints in regulation, either.

The only reason to fire Brad Childress, that I can think of, is that he lost control of his team. He had a bad season, but it was the first time since taking over as head coach, that his team's record hadn't improved. They gave him the job, after the infamous "Love Boat" scandal, when management decided that the players were out of control. They brought in a disciplined coach, who won football games.

Then they brought in a media darling, who clearly has his own discipline problems, and the tide of public opinion suddenly turned on Childress.

Next year, Brett Favre and his massive ego, and his overblown contract, and his own personal problems are going away and not coming back. The rest of the team that followed his example and brought down their head coach, will still be there.

Will they be any better?


Vikings Fire Brad Childress; Ex-Bear Leslie Frazier Replaces Him

FoxSports' Jay Glazer tweeted the news: the Minnesota Vikings have fired head coach Brad Childress today, shortly after owner Zygi Wilf gave him the dreaded "vote of confidence":

Breaking news: brad childress has been fired as head coach of the minnesota vikins!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Leslie Frazier, who was a Bears cornerback for five years from 1981-85 and was a member of the Super Bowl team, has been Vikings defensive coordinator since 2007 and, via the Vikings official Twitter feed, has been named Interim Coach for the rest of the year:

The Vikings have relieved Brad Childress of his coaching duties and Leslie Frazier has been named Interim Coach for the rest of the season.less than a minute ago via web

The Bears face the Vikings in Minnesota for a Monday Night Football date on Dec. 20. Will Brett Favre still be the quarterback by then? Or will Frazier institute sweeping changes? One thing is for sure -- the Vikings won't have to walk on eggs in their locker room any more; Childress had a reputation as a bad players' coach. More details at the mothership,, at SB Nation Minnesota, and SB Nation's Vikings blog The Daily Norseman.

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