NFL Picks Week 12: In Honor Of Thanksgiving, Our Week 11 Picks Were A Turkey

Referee Al Riveron oversees the action between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts at INVESCO Field at Mile High on September 26 2010 in Denver Colorado. The Colts defeated the Broncos 27-13. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

After a fine week 10, our week 11 picks were pretty poor. No matter. We're cranking up the random number generators again for week 12.

Last week, we were able to crow about SB Nation Chicago's Week 10 random number picks -- we went 8-6 to go 21-19 overall since these picks began in Week 8.

This week? Not so much. The random number generators apparently decided to take the holiday off before it even started, coming in with a 6-10 mark and making our overall record 27-29, still not terrible; maybe it was the pressure of picking a full slate of games for the first time. Nothing was even really close; about the best we did was coming close to the margin of victory in the Cardinals/Chiefs game (prediction: 40-28, actual: 31-13).

Nevertheless, we persevere. As a reminder, here's how it works: I use's list generator and its true random number generator to sort the teams playing in a random order, then generate random numbers to match with each team name as a score prediction. I have adjusted the number range to be 0-49. 44 is the highest number of points scored by anyone this year except for 59 now scored twice; by the Raiders a few weeks ago and the Eagles last week. Putting the range up to 59 would probably result in too many 50+ scores, so I'm limiting it to 49, seven touchdowns.

This week's caveat: I had to throw out the number "5", which came up several times, and is a very rare (read: almost never) football score. Remember also, we're not picking point spreads, just wins and losses.

That's a little too much ado. Without any further ... well, you know ... here are SB Nation Chicago's Random Number NFL Picks for Week 12:

Patriots 6
Lions 35

Saints 23
Cowboys 31

Jets 3
Bengals 23

Falcons 34
Packers 9

Titans 40
Texans 30

Vikings 34
Redskins 17

Jaguars 28
Giants 34

Steelers 17
Bills 6

Panthers 12
Browns 24

Chiefs 14
Seahawks 40

Dolphins 47
Raiders 44

Eagles 42
Bears 24

Buccaneers 31
Ravens 0

Rams 37
Broncos 14

Chargers 20
Colts 38

49ers 41
Cardinals 21

The Bears? Well... their defense is going to have to hold Michael Vick down. Let's hope that one is wrong. As always, this is just for fun; SB Nation Chicago is not responsible for any real money you might lose from any legal wagers on these games.

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